AMETH 160 - Introduction to American Ethnic Studies

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Welcome to the class guide for Introduction to American Ethnic Studies (AMETH 160). Use the links on the left to learn more about finding articles, books, and how to cite your sources. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact our Ask a Librarian service. 

Your Assignment

For the research part of your personal ethnography assignment, you will need to identify the history of your ethnic group and discuss different cultural elements from your culture of origin. You will research your ethnic group, identify your ethnic group’s indigenous/immigrant history, and determine which unique cultural characteristics or attributes set your group or culture apart from others.


Getting Started

Before you do any in-depth research, it is always benficial to consult reference books and resources about your topic. For this class, K-State Libraries actually has some awesome online encyclopedias and resources.  

Below are two examples (with direct links) of excellent encyclopedias that can be found in Gale Virtual Reference Library database:


Once you have a grasp on some of the key facets of your research topic or ethnic group, you can begin doing more in depth research.  The following are some avenues for finding more in-depth information.