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This guide is designed for interdisciplinary research in sustainability.

Why should I use Search It to Find Books?

Search It is our main online search tool to find books and other materials. You can access Search It from the K-State Libraries website

In Search It you can:

  • Search across library resources
  • Create personal search preferences
  • Save queries and individual results
  • Export search results into citation managers or emails
  • Set alerts and RSS feeds for your queries
  • Request materials that we do not have in our collections
  • Tag and review items

Stacks guide

Click the map below to open the Hale Library Building Guide.

Hale Library Stacks Guide Map

Suggested Subject Terms



Environmental degradation

Environmental education

Environmental engineering

Environmental health

Green marketing

Green movement

Green products

Green revolution

Green technology

Renewable energy sources

Renewable natural resources

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable architecture

Sustainable buildings

Sustainable development

Sustainable engineering

Sustainable living

Sustainable urban development

Get Started With Search It

Watch this video (2:20) for a brief introduction to the functions and features of Search It. 

Getting Your Hands On a Resource

So, you found a book, video, map, etc. in Search It. Now what?

a book description in Search It.


You'll need:

Call Number

You'll need this entire alphanumeric code. You can text it to yourself by clicking on it and entering your cell phone number and provider. The call number is a code for the subject of the book. For more information, check out this list of call numbers and what they mean


Hale Library Stacks is most common, but you may also see:

  • Juvenile Literature Collection--Hale 4th Floor
  • Microform-- request at Help Desk, Hale 2nd Floor
  • .....and others

Go to that location and search for your call number. Similar call numbers can be in more than one location, so be sure you are at the right location first. Ask at the Library Help desk on 2nd floor if you need assistance finding the item.

When you find your book, you can look to see if there are similar titles shelved near it. 

Status (on the "Find it at the Library" tab)

You are hoping for Item in place because that means it should be available for you. If it is checked out, missing, or lost, it will not be on the shelf and you can request it through interlibrary loan on the "Details" tab - click "request this item"

Search It Flow Chart

Flowchart of information sources within Search It