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Develop a research plan with the Assignment Planner:

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You get to embark on research! We get to help you get there!

This site contains everything you need to successfully complete the research process.
But remember, if at any point you're not sure what to do or where to go next, you can always Ask a Librarian!


Good keywords are essential to good research. It is a good idea to come up with a list of keywords as you start planning your research topic.
Two simple questions can help get you started:
1. What do I know about my topic?
2. What do I want to know about my topic?

List out the answers to those questions using single words or simple phrases. These will become your keywords.
Be prepared to change these words as you do your research. Sometimes you discover other words that you want to use instead of the words in your first list. Think of synonyms of the keywords on your list.  Databases are literal in their understanding so they need to know every possible word, they don't make inferences.

Developing Your Research Topic

As you proceed through researching your topic, you will likely find yourself modifying it as you write and gather information.  And that's ok.  Often that is part of the research process.
With those ideas about your topic in mind you are ready to start researching.  It is best to start your research as soon as possible.  At the very latest it should be started two or more weeks before the due date.  Trust us on this!  Starting early will give you time to search on your own, Ask A Librarian for guidance, and go back to your instructor if you need to refine your topic.

Sometimes when doing your research, you may get so many results you don't know what to do ... that's when you need to "narrow" your topic.  Is there something more specific about your topic that you can use as a keyword?  Also if you aren't finding enough information, broaden your topic, take a step back and determine broader keywords.

If you are searching and searching and can’t find the information you need, be sure to Ask A Librarian for help. A librarian may be able to suggest other resources or similar topics by tweaking your topic to help find resources on your topic.