A subject guide to help with beginning research in the field of Sociology.

Library Research Guide

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Search It Orientation Video

Use Search It, our discovery tool, to locate books, articles, music, movies, e-books, and more. The tool returns results that can be refined by:

  • peer-reviewed journals
  • full-text resources
  • topic
  • creation date

Watch this overview of using Search It.

Tips for Searching in Sociological Abstracts


  • Optimize your search abilities by entering terms into each serach box.

AND will return articles containing both words, OR will return articles with either word, and NOT will eliminate articles with both terms from your search results.

  • For each concept think of synyonyms, broader concepts, and narrower concepts and enter those alternatives in the boxes for that row.

For example, women OR females OR girls OR ladies will search for any of these terms.

  • Use an asterisk as a wildcard to search for all words starting with the letters before the asterisk.

For example, stereotyp* will search for stereotype OR stereotypes OR stereotyping OR stereotypical (and any other word starting with stereotyp).

  • Changing the sort order to "relevance" after you perform a search will bring the articles that match your search the best to the top of the results.