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HIST 300 - Introduction to Historical Thinking

Searching for Books on a Topic in Search It

Use K-State Libraries Only option to search for books, videos, and other items owned by K-State Libraries.
Enter keywords to search for items on a topic.
Search It shows if an item is available and where it is shelved.

1. Enter keywords in Search It's search box.


2. Click K-State Libraries only option to search for items owned by K-State Libraries.

Search It screen displaying keyword search in KState Libraries only


3. Item record shows if an item is available and where it is shelved.

Screenshot indicating availability and location of a book in Search It


4. Virtual Browse shows items shelved nearby the item you found. They have similar call numbers, so will usually be about a similar topic.

Screenshot demonstrating Virtual Browse feature in Search It

Searching for a Specific Title in Search It

Use Search It to search for specific titles in K-State Libraries.

Enter title in the Search It search box.

Search It box showing title search

You made it this far, enjoy a video!