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HIST 300 - Introduction to Historical Thinking

Create a RefWorks account

Creating a RefWorks account at K-State is very easy.

1. From the RefWorks sign in page, click on "Sign Up for a New Account"

Refworks creat new account link

2. Enter your email, create a login name and password. On the next screen, you will enter basic information about yourself.

You can have multiple RefWorks accounts. This is helpful if you want to keep your personal research citations separate from a research team that you work with. Simply create a new username and password for each new account. If you are working with a group, share the username and password with other members and they will be able to access the account, too.

Enter your email address and create a user name and password

3. Ta-Da! Now you have a RefWorks account.

As long as K-State subscribes to RefWorks, K-State faculty, staff, students and alumni will have access to RefWorks. Just be sure you update your email address in your account information when you graduate!

Getting started with your new RefWorks account

When you first create your RefWorks account it is empty. That is because you have to add the citations relevant to your research.

screen view of new account with empty reference list

Fortunately, most of our databases talk with RefWorks and make it fairly easy to send (or export or download) citations into your RefWorks account.

In most databases, you will select the books or articles that you want to save into RefWorks by checking a box or otherwise saying, "I want this."

Once you have marked the records you want, you will have some kind of option to Send, Export, or Download the citations.

RefWorks provides instructions for saving references from databases into RefWorks.


Compendex -- Downloading to RefWorks

When researching in Compendex, follow these steps to save references to RefWorks:

1. Click on the box next to a reference that you want to save to RefWorks.

2. Click on Download from the menu options on the screen above the search results. A pop-up box will appear.

view of check box next to item number and the download tab


3.  Change Record Output option to Detailed Record

4. Click on the button next to RefWorks

5. Click on Download

pop-up window for Engineering Village


The citations will be sent to RefWorks. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to your RefWorks account. If you are logged in and nothing appears to be happening, look for new tabs in your browser or take a look at a tab that was already open -- RefWorks can be sneaky.

When in RefWorks, a pop-up window shows you how many references were imported. Click on the View Last Imported Folder button to see the references.

RefWorks Last Imported Folder pop up

Easily overlooked features of a record in RefWorks

When you view a record in RefWorks, some information is fairly easy to identify. You can usually locate the author, title, source, and other information fairly quickly.

There are other, useful features to note when looking at records in RefWorks.

overlooked features in RefWorks


1. What folder you are currently viewing.

2. Changing the view. RefWorks defaults to Standard View, but you can look at a Full Record (which will include the abstract, if available) or the references formatted in styles like APA, MLA, and others.

3. The Get It button appears in RefWorks. This means that current K-State students, faculty, and staff and link to or request the full text of articles and other documents from inside RefWorks.

4. You can edit any record in RefWorks at any time.

5. The type of source RefWorks thinks the record is. This can affect how the reference is formatted by RefWorks and if it is incorrect, you can edit it when you edit the record.


Creating a Bibliography

RefWorks creates bibliographies, or reference lists, based upon the references you have in your account. You can create a bibliography using all of your references, or just those in a specific folder.

1. Click on the Create Bibliography button

Create Bibliography

2. Select your Output Style (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE)

3. Select a File Type. Word or Rich Text usually work best

4. Click on Create Bibliography.

5. Depending on what format you selected, RefWorks may open a web page (html), a Word document, or your text editor with your reference list.

Manage Your Output Styles

If you cannot locate your output style (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE) from the list of options offered when you create a new bibliography, you can add that style to your list of favorites.

1. Click on Create Bibliography

create bibliography
2. From the bibliography window that pops up, click on Manage Output Styles

Go to manage output styles


3. In the output style manager, search or scroll through the options (there are several hundred) until you find yours.


RefWorks Output Style Manager

4. Use the little, tiny, miniscule arrows in between the Output Styles box and the Favorites box to move the style you want over to Favorites.