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AGCOM - Agricultural Business Communication

Research guide for AGCOM 400 and general agricultural communications research.

Search It

Search It is a fantastic tool that searches across library resources (books, databases, digital collections, etc.). Give it a try after you check out this tutorial.

Search It Infographic

Searching for books and articles on a topic

All of our databases permit researchers to search for articles or other resources on a specific topic.

For example, say you are interested in how agronomists can collaborate with architects to select appropriate grasses for green roofs.

A few key ideas when searching a database for topics:

  • Use single words or short phrases. Usually, a database will have an "Advanced Search" option for searching multiple terms at once. Enter each piece of your topic in its own box. These words could bring up relevant results:
    • grasses      
    • green roofs
    • architects
    • agronomists
    • collaboration

But, don't search all of those terms at once. To increase the odds of finding the information you need, break the topic into separate parts:

            1) green roofs and grasses and 2) architects and agronomists collaborating.

To search:

  • Try synonyms
    • moss OR plant species OR perennials OR vegetation
    • green buildings
    • architecture
  • Try related ideas
    • horticulturalists
    • engineers
    • urban horticulture
    • landscaping
    • sustainable development
    • soil sciences
  • Search for new terms
    • Read the article for its content, but also keep an eye on new terms or phrases. Try another search with those terms.
    • When you find a relevant article, look for Subjects or Descriptors that are assigned to the article. Sometimes you can click on these terms to build and run another search.