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MC 316 - Data Journalism

Library Research Guide

CQ Researcher

Image of the home page of the database CQ Researcher; links to the database

These tips can help your searches:

  • If you have a topic in mind, try searching by keyword in the search box. You can also browse by topic if you aren't sure of your topic. 
  • The Pro/Con sections in each report are very helpful if you are looking for different sides of an issue.
  • The Bibliography section is also helpful in discovering additional sources.

ProQuest Research Library

Image of Proquest Research Library home page; linked to the database

These tips can help your searches:

  • Start by searching for only one or two key terms. Examine any relevant results for other useful keywords. Try new searches with those terms.
  • Refine and narrow your results using the tools to the right of the results list.
  • Use an asterisk to search for multiple endings for a word (known as truncation or stemming). For example, educat* searches for educate OR education OR educator OR educated OR educating.

Lexis Nexis Academic

LexisNexis database

These tips can help your searches:

  • The search box on the homepage is useful for general searches. If you want to search for more specific types of sources, use the Search By Content Type dropdown box at the top right and choose from the list. 
  • The homepage also provides quick access along the bottom if you want to search only for news, legal cases, or company information. 
  • To limit your searches by date, use the Advance Options dropdown box. 

Google Scholar and Google Books

Google Scholar


Google Books

These tips can help your searches: 

  • Access Google Scholar using the links provided here or from the databases page and you will see Get It links in your search results that will help you access materials. 
  • Use quotation marks to search for phrases: "homeless shelters"
  • Link alternate terms for the same concept by using OR: women OR ladies OR females
  • Require that a term be in the title by adding intitle and a colon to a term: intitle:homeless
  • In Google Books, click the "Find in a library" link to see if we have the book.