Citations and Bibliographies

This guide contains help for writing citations in APA, MLA, and other formats and also for managing your collection of citations in RefWorks.

Library Research Guide

Manage Your Citations

K-State librarians provide support for the citation management software RefWorks. While we recommend students and researchers use the citation management software that works best for them, including Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote, we currently do not have the resources to provide support for those systems.

If you are using another citation management program, we recommend consulting their help and documentation sites. Additionally, many universities and researchers provide excellent tutorials on YouTube.

Thank you for understanding that limited resources, including funding and staffing, affects the level of citation management support that we can offer K-State students, faculty, and staff.

Zotero Help - short version

Use Zotero to store and organize citations for this project. Below are links to help you use Zotero.

Citation Builders

Citation builders are a useful tool when building a Works Cited or References page. They are fillable forms that will generate citations for you in various styles based on the information you plug into them.

Remember, no tool is perfect, so always be sure to check your citations with a style guide!

The Libraries' Search It tool and many of our databases include citation features that will allow you to cite a resource that you found. The citation tools are usually called "Cite It", "Citation", "Cite Now", or something similar. Look on the sides of the pages for a link or menu that includes the link.

Here is an example of where the Search It citation feature is located:

1 click citation button, 2 chose style, 3copy text