Citations and Bibliographies

This guide contains help for writing citations in APA, MLA, and other formats and also for managing your collection of citations in RefWorks.

Completely Removing Write-N-Cite IV from Your Mac

If you are experiencing issues with Write-N-Cite on your Mac, you may need to upgrade to the new version of Write-N-Cite.  The first step to doing this is deleting the existing version of Write-N-Cite off of your computer, this will not affect any documents that currently have citations or bibliographies created with the previous versions of Write-N-Cite.

  • First, you will need to close Microsoft Word for Mac.  
  • Next select Command+Shift+G on your keyboard.
  • In the box that pops up type ~/Library, this will allow you to temporarily access the Library directory on your Mac, this folder is typically hidden.  
  • Next, follow the path in the in image below.

Mac Finder Window

  • Once you see the RefWorks folder, delete it and then delete everything in your Trash.  
  • Now you can navigate to the RefWorks site and download the newest version of Write-N-Cite.  
    • Write-N-Cite is located under the Tools menu and the newest version of Write-N-Cite for Mac should be the first available option.  
  • After you download and install Write N Cite, reopen Word and login in to Refworks.
  • If you have any problems with this process, you can check the Main RefWorks tab of this guide or you can contact Jason Coleman at for assistance.

Removing Write-N-Cite IV (on PCs)

Click the image below to watch a screencast showing the steps necessary for completing deleting Write-N-Cite from your computer. Sometimes this is the only way to fix issues with Write N Cite.

Removing Write-N-Cite from a PC


Video produced by K-State Libraries