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Citations and Bibliographies

This guide contains help for writing citations in APA, MLA, and other formats and also for managing your collection of citations in RefWorks.

What is RefWorks for Google Docs

  • An Add-on to Google Docs that allows users to insert citations directly into their documents and create a bibliography from the cited sources using any of the hundreds of citation style options.
  • Does not work with the version of RefWorks (RefWorks 2) linked from the Libraries' home page.
  • Does work with the new version of RefWorks (RefWorks 3). 

Installing RefWorks for Google Docs

1. Open a blank Google Document

2. Click Add-ons then Get Add-ons...

Google Docs menu showing location of the Add-ons tab

3. Search for Refworks, then click the + FREE button

Google Docs' Add-on store showing ProQuest RefWorks 

4. You will be asked to accept certain conditions to use the Add-on. Click Allow, if you wish to use it.

Conditions to use refworks add-on


Instructions for using the RefWorks for Google Docs Add-on

Creating a RefWorks 3 Account

To use the RefWorks for Google Docs Add-on, you will need to create a RefWorks 3 account. Follow these steps:

1.  Go to https://refworks.proquest.com and click "create account"

RefWorks 3 main page

2. Enter your university e-mail address, e.g., coleman@ksu.edu. Then click Check

Sign-up page for RefWorks 3

3. Create a password (note: this is not your eID). Then click Sign Up.

Create password screen for RefWorks 3

4. Open your e-mail and click the activation link from RefWorks.

Getting help with New RefWorks/RefWorks 3

We are working hard at K-State Libraries to create guides and lessons for using New RefWorks. Until then, use this information from the good people at RefWorks!

Importing a RefWorks 2 account into a RefWorks 3 account

You can import the content of your RefWorks 2 accounts (aka Legacy RefWorks) into your RefWorks 3 (aka New RefWorks) account. Your content will remain in RefWorks 2: you will just be making a copy of it in RefWorks 3. Follow these steps:

If you are in the middle of writing a document and are using Write n Cite, DO NOT transition to New RefWorks. Wait until you have completed the document. The two RefWorks cannot talk to each other and use different codes in Write n Cite.



1.  Open your RefWorks 3 account. Click the + button. Then click Import References.

Import References to RefWorks 3

2. Click RefWorks.

Reference Manager selection for import into RefWorks 3

3. Click Authorize.

Authorize button on import references menu

4. Login to your RefWorks 2 account. 

Login screen fro Refworks 2

5. Your references and folders will be added to RefWorks 3. This may take a few moments. When the process is complete you will see the following screen:

Import complete screen

Instructions for Using RefWorks 3