Citations and Bibliographies

This guide contains help for writing citations in APA, MLA, and other formats and also for managing your collection of citations in RefWorks.

Library Research Guide


Having RefWorks problems? This page has some resources for common specific issues see the "Versions and Compatibility" box or follow the "Step by Step" to access help.

Step by Step

Step 1: Log out of RefWorks everywhere, in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and in Microsoft Word, then log in again.

Step 2: Know your versions (scroll to the bottom of this page for directions) and check compatibility. If you are between writing projects, upgrade RefWorks and Write-N-Cite and get to know the new interfaces.

Step 3: Seek help - search the RefWorks Support Pages, make an appointment to meet with a librarian, or search Google.

Versions and Compatibility

Most issues with using RefWorks are caused by different versions of software and applications involved. Using the most recent versions of each (RefWorks, Write-N-Cite, and Microsoft Word) should eliminate these issues. If you have been using older versions, the transition might cause some problems, check the links below for specific problems.


RefWorks Logos




Are you using RefWorks 2 (also known as Legacy RefWorks or Old RefWorks) or RefWorks 3 (also known as ProQuest RefWorks or New RefWorks)? If you were here before 2016, you might be using the older version of RefWorks. Tips:

  • Do not upgrade if you are actively working on a deadline for a paper, grant, dissertation, or thesis.
  • Upgrade when you have time to learn the new interface before your next project is set to start.

Microsoft Word, Write-N-Cite, and RefWorks Citation Manager

Are you using Microsoft Word? There are two apps that connect Word to your RefWorks account. Write-N-Cite works with Word 2010-2016 but is not available for Mac and Word 2016. RefWorks Citation Manager works with Word 2016 for both PC and Mac.


Write-N-Cite does not work without Java. Having the right version of Java installed and enabled is a common issue for Mac users.

Which versions do I have?


Determine your version of RefWorks by where you sign-in or which logos you see (image above).

Microsoft Word

  1. Open a word document
  2. Go to the Word or File menu
  3. Click "About Word" or "Account" then "About Word".
  4. A dialog box will open showing the copyright date and version
  5. If the dialog box does not appear:
    • Click on "Word" in the menu ribbon at the top of the page
    • Select "About Word"
    • View the version running on your machine

Versions 15.24 and newer are running 64-bit Office.


If you are using Legacy RefWorks, you likely downloaded Write-N-Cite from and have an older version. Find Write-N-Cite for the New RefWorks in the Tools menu.

Operating System

Are you using a PC or Mac? Troubleshooting Write-N-Cite/RefWorks is the same for all PCs.