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EDEL 411 - Teaching Literacy K-2

Resources for EDEL 411 students, including finding children's books, searching for articles, using the Curriculum Materials Center, and more!

Library Research Guide

Why Should I Use Search It to Find Books?

Search It is our main online search tool to find books and other materials. You can get to Search It from our website; it's the search box in the middle of the page. For advice on how to search for children's books, see our Find Children's Books page

In Search It you can:

  • Search across library resources
  • Create personal search preferences
  • Save queries and individual results
  • Export search results into citation managers or emails
  • Set alerts and RSS feeds for your queries
  • Request materials we don't have
  • Tag and review items

What Does it Include?

Flowchart of information sources within Search It

Get Started with Search It

Watch this video (2:20) for a brief introduction to the functions and features of Search It.