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Data - Geospatial (GIS) Resources

Data Chearinghouses and Portals

State Agency Database

This is a wiki of publicly accessible U.S. state agency databases, hosted by the American Library Association (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODORT).  Contains a lot of state specific, often overlooked data, that is maintained by local experts.


Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC)

Current geospatial data acquired and developed for the state of Kansas from various federal, state, and educational institutions, are stored and distributed here.


Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)

Use the CIESIN Gateway to search for environmental data using an electronic catalog of data resources.


Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Data & Services

The FGDC coordinates the sharing of geographic data, maps, and online services through the online portal A link to this portal, NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) Clearinghouse Network, and other useful links are available on this site.


Data Repository of the Geographic Information Support Team (GIST)

 A USAID-funded global archive of spatial data collected and distributed for the greater humanitarian community.  While located at the University of Georgia, the GIST Repository is free to access but requires creation of a login account. GIS Resources

Librarians helping navigate GIS resources one tag bundled subject at a time


National Geospatial Program

The National Geospatial Program provides leadership for USGS geospatial coordination, production and service activities.  Access, view, and download information from geo-spatial databases produced by the USGS and other government agencies.

" increases the ability of the public to easily find, download, and use datasets that are generated and held by the Federal Government. provides descriptions of the Federal datasets (metadata), information about how to access the datasets, and tools that leverage government datasets."



Geospatial and Attribute Data: Links for each State

Contains links to webites with attribute and geospatial data for each of the 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the United States as a whole.  This site is maintained by the University of Arkansas Libraries.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Geospatial Services

Central location for all Fish and Wildlife Service data. Includes the popular National Wetlands Inventory, the Critical Habitat Portal, and other USFWS GIS data sources.



GIS Data Depot (GeoCommunity)

The premier online resource for GIS and geospatial data.  Much is available for free download.  Includes US and International data. 


The National Map Seamless Server

Free downloads of transportation, boundaries, hydrography, land cover and elevation data. Also has orthoimagery and Landsat imagery.