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Search It - How to

Find out about our newest research tool: Search It

Why should I use Search It?

You can:

  • Search across library resources
  • Create personal search preferences
  • Save queries and individual results
  • Export search results into citation managers or emails
  • Set alerts and RSS feeds for your queries
  • Request materials we don't have
  • Tag and review items



This is a starting point to learn how to use the Search It research tool.  If this guide does not have the information or guidance you are looking for, do not hesitate to Ask a Librarian.

What you will learn:

  • What resources are searched by Search It
  • How to begin a search • How to narrow a search
  • How to save items to your personal e-shelf • Locate an item on the book shelves
  • Text item information to yourself • Send citations to your RefWorks account 
  • FAQs and answers
Links in this guide open in a new tab.
Two columns showing types of items searched for libraries only option and libraries plus articles and more. Link opens to larger view of same image.


What Does Search It Include?

Books Journals
Databases eBooks
Music Videos
K-State Theses K-State Research
Newspaper Articles Book Reviews
Law Reports Conference Papers

And so much more!

Get Started with Search It

Watch this video for a brief introduction to the functions and features of Search It.