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Search It - How to

Find out about our newest research tool: Search It

Getting Started

Searching for items

Just like Google, you can search for items by typing in keywords and clicking Search.

Image of a Search on Search It for "frog"

Sorting Results

You can sort the results of your search to make it easier to find the items you want. To do this:

  1. Click on the arrow next to Sorted by: and choose the criteria that you want to use for sorting
  2. You can sort your results by relevance, date-newest, popularity, author and title.

Image of Sorting Results in Search It

  1. Results will be sorted in descending order for the criteria of relevance, date-newest and popularity.
  2. Sorting by author and title will list results alphabetically according to those criteria.

Finding Articles

Finding Articles

1. Begin your search at the basic search box. Type in your search term and click on the Search button.

Search for

2. Results may be limited to Peer-reviewed Journals (links to a definition page) beside Show only at the top of the results list.

3. Use the Refine my Results function to limit your search to articles.

Refining search results on Search It by Resource Type: Articles

4. If the record displays Full text available, click on the title to see an electronic copy.

5. If the entry shows No full-text, don't despair. Click on the Get It! button to search our electronic journal subscriptions to see if we own an electronic copy of this article.

6. Once the Get It! screen pops up, you may see a link to a electronic journal. You may see We'll try to get it for you. This is an option to borrow, or have an article or chapter scanned and saved as a PDF from another library and sent to you.

Accessing Items

When you find a resource you want, you have two options depending on whether the item is electronic or physical.

Physical items will have the "locations and availability" option. Electronic resources will have the "Get It" option.

  • Physical item - Click on Location/Availability to find out where it is and how to find it

Image of Locations and Availability tab in Search It


Image showing screen positions of location and status information.

  • Electronic resource - Click on "Get It" to see a list of places from where you can get an electronic copy of the item.

Image of Get It Example in Search It