The St. John's Bible (Heritage Edition)

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Located in the Richard L.D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections in Hale Library, The St. John's Bible (Heritage Edition) at Kansas State University is a fine art reproduction of the original St. John's Bible. The original seven volume edition features both ancient calligraphy and modern technology and is printed on calf-skin vellum pages. It was the first such manuscript commissioned in over 500 years in 1998 and was a partnership between Donald Jackson, the main artist and calligrapher, and St. John's Abbey and University.  


The Heritage Edition takes these vellum pages and uses digital technology and ultraviolet imaging to create a dynamic, fine art reproduction of the St. John's Bible.      


Kansas State University alumni Warren and Mary Lynn Staley of Edina, Minnesota generously donated the Heritage Edition, and have been highly involved with the Bible since its inception. They both graduated from Kansas State University in 1965.  


Use this guide to learn more about the history of illuminated manuscripts, the creation process, and how you can use the manuscript in your classroom.




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