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ID 651 - Design for Supportive Environments

This class guide supports student research for the Fall 2018 session of ID 651.

Sage Research Methods Online

Use Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) to discover guidance and standards for a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

SRMO is a database that you can access through K-State Libraries' databases -- either by mousing over Research and then Databases or by clicking on Databases link in the Search It box, both on the Libraries' home page.

SRMO includes the fulltext of:

  • books
  • journal articles
  • reference books

Use SRM to locate sources about a specific research method, or to identify a research method that will support investigating your research question. 


In addition to searching for big picture information about research methods, you can search for information relevant to your specific research project. For instance, a search for: observation "built environment" finds sources that offer insight into various observational methods specifically related to the built environment.


image of Sage Research Methods search results screen