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Graduate School Exams and Test Prep

Describes resources in the library and on campus to help prepare students for entrance, placement, qualifying, certification, and license exams.

Entrance Exam Study Guides

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Placement Exams

Placement exams in mathematics are required of all K-State undergraduates, to assess which courses are most suited to their abilities.

Placement exams may also be required by specific graduate programs to plan a suitable program of study and determine if remedial work is needed through additional coursework or independent study.  See your department's description in the current graduate catalog or talk to the graduate program director for resources on placement exam preparation. 

Graduate Program Exams

In addition to the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or other discipline-specific entrance exams, you may be asked by a graduate program to take qualifying exams, before or during your program of study. These exams, in addition to your performance through coursework, determine whether you qualify for the graduate degree.

Visit with your graduate advisor for guidance on preparation materials.