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LEAD 350 - Culture and Context in Leadership

Library Research Guide

Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)

Searching Nexis Uni using the Law Reviews search will give you information about different public policies that you can use for your paper/presentation. You can search for your topic in general or by using search terms that you're interested in researching in particular. I've included some screenshots below to show how to have the most successful search.


Image of the guided search screen in Nexis Uni, showing the keyword search "no-fly list".


Once you enter your search terms, the list of results will give you a number of options and types of information:


Image of Nexis Uni results page for "water quality control" search

ProQuest Congressional Publications

ProQuest Congressional Publications is fairly easy database to use because it follows similar searching techniques as the regular ProQuest Research Library - in addition, you're getting access to a wealth of Congressional information and reports. 

Image of Congressional Publications Advanced Search screen showing the keywords "water quality"

Once you have searched and are at the results screen, there will be a number of options you can use to filter your results and to access them.

Image of Congressional Publications results list from the "water quality" search. A call-out box points to the links to full-text and bill stage in process diagram.