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LEAD 502 - Developing Scholars Seminar

What is an Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliographies

Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides a definition, explanation, and formatting for annotated bibliographies. It focuses primarily on MLA and APA styles. 

Annotated Bibliographies

The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created this handout that describes the importance of annotated bibliographies for researchers, explains when different types of annotations may be used, and provides examples in APA, MLA, and CBE/CSE styles. 

King, J. (2010). How to write an annotated bibliographyAccess, 24(4), 34-37.

This article is written for high school students, but provides an excellent overview of the annotated bibliography and includes a worksheet to aid in creating an annotation. Additionally, the author includes rules for the length of the annotation and its components; these are good guidelines but you do not need to follow them exactly. The author uses Harvard style for formatting citations. 

Writing an Annotated Bibliography and Build an Annotated Bibliography

Librarians at Skidmore College's Lucy Scribner Library developed this guide that both explains an annotated bibliography and helps new researchers create an annotation.

Sample Annotated Bibliographies

Refer to these annotated bibliographies as you create your own.
Note the similarities: what are common features across all annotated bibliographies?
Note the differences: what is unique to a discipline, an author, or the reason why the bibliography was written?


Citation style: APA, except embedded links to the articles which are for your convenience, but do not adhere to APA style. Citations should also have hanging indents. See Purdue's OWL for proper APA formatting.



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Social Sciences

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