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Military Veteran Children's Authors

This LibGuide showcases military veterans who have authored children's books,

A-Z Authors (Includes American and International)


Abrashkin, Raymond

Adams, Richard George: During WWII, Adams served in the Royal Army Civil Service Corps in the Airborne Company, and as a brigade liaison in Palestine, Europe, and Malaysia.

Alcock, Vivien

Alcott, Louisa May

Alexander, Lloyd Chudley
​: During World War II, Alexander joined the Army (1943) where he became an artilleryman, a cymbal player in the band, an organist in the chapel, and a first-aid man. He was then assigned to military intelligence, where he was stationed in Alsace-Lorraine, and then proceeded to work in counterintelligence in Paris after the war.

Allard, Harry

Anno, Mitsumasa

Ardizzone, Edward 


Bagnold, Enid

Barne, Kitty

Baumann, Hans

Beatty Jr., Jerome

Belloc, Hilaire 


Bemelmans, Ludwig

Berenstain, Stan

Berenstain, Jan

Bianki, Vitaly

Bofa, Gus

Bond, Thomas Michael 

Booth, George

Boston, Lucy M.: Served as a volunteer nurse in French military hospitals during World War II. 


Brereton, Frederick Sadleir

Brunhoff, Jean de

Brzechwa, Jan

Bunyan, John

Burgess, Anthony

Burnford, Sheila


Carle, Eric

Charles, Prince of Wales

Chaucer, Geoffrey: 

Christopher, John (Christopher Samuel Youd)

Collodi, Carlo 

Coolidge, Susan (Sarah Chauncey Woolsey)

Cooney, Barbara


Dahl, Roald 


Defoe Daniel:

De Jong, Meindert

​Dickinson, Peter

Disch, Thomas M.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

du Bois, William Pene 



Eastman, Philip Dey

Eisner, Will

Ende, Michael Andreas Helmuth



Fleischman, Sid (Avron Zalmon Fleischman)

Fleming, Ian


Gaidar, Arkady

Geerdes, Clay

Geisel, Theodor Seuss


Garfield, Leon

Golding, William


Gonzalez, Thomas

Gorey, Edward

Graham, Harry (Jocelyn Henry Clive ‘Harry” Graham)

Gramatky, Hardie

Grant, John

Greene, Henry Graham

Gwynne, Fred


Hamre, Leif

Harmon, Casey Sean

Harris, Rosemary

Henty, G.A. 

Herriot, James

Hildick, Edmund Wallace

Hoban, Russell


Hodges, Walter C.


Hopf, Geoffrey

Hughes, Ted



Irving, Washington

Johns, William Earl (Captain W.E. Johns)

Johnson, Sabin W.

Juster, Norton


Karig, Walter

Kastle, Seth

Kastner, Erich

Keats, Ezra Jack

Keeping, Charles

Kelly, Eric P.

Kerr, Judith

King, Clive

King-Smith, Dick


Krumgold, Joseph


Lawson, Robert

Leaf, Wilber Munro

Leip, Hans

Lewis, C.S.

Linklater, Eric

Lofting, Hugh


Lyon, Elinor


Macdonald, James D.

Marryat, Frederick

Martin, J.P.

Masefield, John

Maurois, Andre


McKinnon, Yolanda

Meltzer, Milton

Milne, A.A.

Morpurugo, Michael

Mowat, Farley



Negaard, Ken


Norton, Mary (Kathleen Mary)

Noyes, Alfred


Oakley, Graham

O’Dell, Scott

Oman, Carola


Paulsen, Gary

Pease, Howard

Phipson, Joan

Platt, Kin

Preubler, Otfried





Reiner, Carl

Rey, H.A. (Hans Augusto)

Robertson, Keith

Rodari, Gianni

Roff, Don

Ryan, Chris


Saint-Exupery, Antoine de

Salinger, J.D. 

Sandberg, Carl

Say, Allen

Scary, Richard

Schwartz, Alvin

Seredy, Kate

Shepard, E.H. 

Silverstein, Sheldon “Shel” 

Sobol, Donald J.

Southall, Ivan

Sperry, Armstrong

Steinbeck, John


Szyk, Arthur


Takehiko, Kurushima

Thiele, Colin

Thomas, Peggy Iris

Thurber, James

Todd, Barbara Euphan

Tolkien, J.R.R.

Travers, P.L

Tolstoy, Leo

Tranter, Nigel

Travers, P.L.

Treece, Henry

Tunis, John R.

Twain, Mark






Warber, Bernard

Welch, Ronald

Westall, Robert

Westerman, J.F.

Westerman, Percy Francis

White, E.B.: Registered for the draft (WWI), but was rejected for not weighing enough. He then enlisted in the Student Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.), earning the rank of corporal while attending Cornell University. White also volunteered at the Office of Facts and Figures during WWII, where he composed an essay on the freedom of speech for the pamphlet, United Nations Fight for the Four Freedoms. 

Williams, Jay

Williamson, Henry

Wyke-Smith, Edward Augustine