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Search It

Find out about our newest research tool: Search It

General Searching Tips

  • Login to Search It to see all of Search It's content.
  • First perform a broad search and then narrow your results.
  • When narrowing results, click "More options" under a category and use the include and exclude columns.

Screen captures from Search It showing the location of the more options link and the page that appears when that linked is clicked.

Tips when searching for resources about a topic

  • Do not type complete sentences or questions. Instead, type keywords or phrases, e.g., dog training.
  • Start with only a few terms. You can always add more later.
  • Be flexible - if you don't like your results, retry your search with different words.
  • After you perform a search, click the "More options" link under the Topics category. Look carefully through the list of topics and include all that are of interest to you.

Tips when searching for a specific item or author

  • Double-check your spelling.
  • When searching for long, complex titles, try entering only the first five to six words.
  • Use either the Simple Search interface or the Advanced Search interface. 

    • In the Simple Search interface, use the right drop-down menu to specify whether you are searching for an author or for a title.

      simple search interface showing the right-most drop-down menu expanded

    • In the Advanced Search interface, use the drop-down menu at the left of a row to specify whether that row's terms are for an author or a title.

      Advanced search interface showing the upper-left drop down menu expanded

Sorting Results

You can sort the results of your search to make it easier to find the items you want. To do this:

  1. Click on the arrow next to Sorted by: and choose the criteria that you want to use for sorting

    Screen capture from Search It showing the sorted by drop-down menu

  2. You can sort your results by relevance, date-oldest, date-newestpopularityauthor or title.
  3. Sorting by author and title will list results alphabetically according to those criteria.