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COMM 433 - Communication Research Methods

Introduction to Search It, Communication & Mass Media Complete, and APA style guides for this class

Basic description, demonstrations

Best Tools and Practices for Concept Mapping (2011) by Chris Clark at University of Notre Dame gives a good introduction, defining what these graphic tools are, how they differ, and how they are used. For illustrations, view Classroom Assessment Technique: Concept Maps by a Communications Studies faculty member, and scroll down to his Resources list (view Top 10 Mind Maps).  These illustrate that mapping can be done without using online tools, using paper or whiteboard.  For a more updated list of online tools, try a Google search of educational institutions using "site:// .edu concept maps tools" or "site:// .edu concept maps tools"

A more detailed Introduction to Concept Mapping is part of the online book Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation, found in the database Sage Research Methods .