MC 380 - Public Relations Research, Strategy, and Planning

Library Research Guide


JSTOR contains the full-text of articles from over 500 presitigious scholarly journals. Coverage for each journal begins with the first issue and extends up through a few years before the present.

Tips for using JSTOR

  • Click the Advanced Search link and then:
    • place a check mark next to Article
    • use the language drop-down to specify a language  
  • Use an asterisk as a wildcard to search for many words at once, for example elect* will search for elect OR election OR elections OR electoral (and any other word starting with elect)
  • Start broadly by searching for only one or two key terms and truncating those terms.
  • If you get too many results after doing that, use proximity searching to focus the results, e.g., president* Near 5 elect* will search for anyword starting with president within 5 words of any word starting with elect
  • If you still get too many results, try searching only the titles of articles by changing the drop-down menus to "item title." 

Suggested Research Databases

Here are a few databases that we think will be the most useful to your research.  There are even more databases listed under the Political Science subject in our database directory.