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MC 380 - Public Relations Research, Strategy, and Planning

Library Research Guide


The internet is awesome!  You can find a lot of stuff there (not everything) and sometimes it can be really difficult to actually find what you need as researchers.  Below are some explanations of a few super simple ways you can do advanced searches in Google:

A) You can force Google to only give you results for the type of websites you want.  Website domains like .gov, .edu, and .org are just a few examples, but you can use others (including designations for foreign countries). 

B) You can use symbols like * to shorten words in your search and bring back results for words with similar roots.  For examples searching for teach* will return results for "teach," "teaching" and "teacher."

C) Normally when you search in Google it looks for every word individually, which can result in a lot of irrelevant results.  If you are searching for specific phrases, you can use quotations to force Google to search for those words together.

K-State Campus

K-State is a large campus and produces a lot of information at the campus level. Below are websites that often have answers related to student research about campus. If these websites do not address your question, try the main K-State website or Ask a Librarian