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MC 380 - Public Relations Research, Strategy, and Planning

Library Research Guide

Lexis Nexis Academic

Searching Lexis Nexis Academic, using the Law Reviews search, will give you information about different public policies that you can use for your paper/presentation. You can search using "public policy" and then adding in other search terms that you're interested in researching in particular. I've included some screenshots below to show how to have the most successful search.

Once in the Advanced Options, you can select the type of content you want to search:

Notice under the Search Box now, it shows that you're only searching in Law Reviews. You can now enter your keywords and search!

ProQuest Congressional Publications

ProQuest Congressional Publications is fairly easy database to use becuase it follows similar searching techniques as the regular ProQuest Research Library - in addtion, you're getting access to a wealth of Congressional information and reports.