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EDCI 886 - Historical Research Methods in Education

A guide for students doing historical education research for EDCI 886

How to search

You can search the databases in different ways to find materials that will be relevant for your assignment, including:

  • Use the thesaurus to help you find appropriate search terms
  • Use "or" between search terms if you want EITHER word, "and" if you want BOTH
  • Try truncating keywords using asterisks: histor* to get history, historic, historical, etc.
  • Put phrases in quotes: “physical education” “special education”
  • Look for a limit for scholarly journal articles or peer-reviewed articles. (Peer reviewed articles are considered to be the highest quality of research)
  • Limit your search by date range to find articles published in that time frame.


Getting the articles

Many of the articles you find will be available online. If you don’t see the full text on the database you are searching, use the Get It button to see if the full text of the article is available through another source. 

If you find a citation to something that we don’t own, most of the time we can borrow it from another library. Please allow yourself enough time to do this! It takes up to 2-5 business days for articles and 5-7 business days for books (or longer if you are off campus). Click on “Request an Interlibrary Loan” on the library home page or “we’ll try to get it for you” from the Get It menu. For more information, see our Interlibrary Services page.



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