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GENBA 110 - Business Foundations


Use these resources to find out about your company's products and/or services, target markets, marketing channels, and distribution channels.

Target Market: Specific customers that your company is trying to sell its products and/or services to. This could be other businesses or individual consumers. Target market characteristics could be demographic (age, income, level of education), geographic (local, national, international), or psychographic (beliefs, attitudes, behaviors).

Marketing Channels: How does your company advertise to consumers? Do they advertise on specific websites, through social media, on television, or through other avenues?

Distribution Channels: How does your company deliver its products and/or services to consumers? Look for terms like retailer, wholesaler, and distributor.

Company Profiles and Information in Library Databases

These databases cover both private and public companies. However, content for public companies will be more in-depth.