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Linking to Online Resources Using Permalinks

Instructions to locate permalinks for resources in K-State Libraries' databases.

Document Links in LexisNexis Academic

In LexisNexis Academic, a permalink is referred to as a Document Link. To locate the Document Link for a resource, click the title of the resource - a new page will open and then you can choose the icon for the Document Link. 

The icon for the Document Link is located on the right-hand side of the resource's page. It is the fifth icon from the left.

When you click the "Copy Document Link" icon, a dialog window with further instructions will open. Follow these instructions to paste the document link into Canvas. 

To paste the link to the results of your search into a document or e-mail, right click the bold text of the resource title and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" from the resulting pop-up context menu. This copies the link to your search results onto your clipboard. Select your required document or email and press "Ctrl + V" to paste your copied link. 

Copy and paste the resource's URL

You May Need to Add a Proxy to Links From This Resource

Kansas State University Libraries’ proxy URL usually looks like this, and tends to be at the front of a URL: 

If you need to add the proxy prefix in front of the resource, use Link It. Link It creates accessible links to materials that are only available through K-State Libraries’ article databases or electronic journals accessed on campus.

However, be sure to test all links off-campus.

If you are unsure if a resource has the proxy URL, please Ask a Librarian.