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Library Basics

How Will This Help Me?

Using Search It will help you:

  • Find items located in the library
  • Find online items such as ebooks and articles

Hale Library's Stacks Guide

Click the map below to access Hale Library's stacks guide. 

Stacks Map

Weigel Library's Stacks Guide

Click the map below to access Weigel Library's stacks guide. 

Weigel Library's Stacks Guide

Use Search It

Search It is a tool that you can use to search across the library collection. 

Search It Flow Chart

Library of Congress Call Numbers

The books in the Kansas State University Libraries are arranged by Library of Congress Call Numbers. This system separates all knowledge into 21 classes, and some are included below. They are helpful when physically or virtually browsing the library shelves.

A: General Reference Works

B: Philosophy and Religion

C: Auxiliary Science of History

D - F: History

G: Geography, Anthropology, Folklore

H: Social Sciences

J: Political Science

K: Law

L: Education

M: Music

N: Fine Arts

P: Languages and Literature

Q: Sciences

R: Medicine

S: Agriculture

T: Technology

U: Military Science

V: Naval Science

Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)