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Library Basics

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Welcome to Special Collections

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The Richard L. D. and Marjorie J. Morse Department of Special Collections is located on the 5th floor of Hale Library. The department specializes in acquiring, preserving, and digitizing materials. There are over one million items in the collection, including manuscripts, archival records, rare books, photographs, recordings, and ephemera.

Special Collections is committed to enhancing and expanding all its collections in continued support of its teaching, learning, and academic research communities.

Reading Room Basics

Photo of the Reading Room         

  • Hours: 10am to 5pm; Monday – Friday. 
  • Fill out the registration form and request slip (at Special Collections' front desk).
  • Keep food and drinks away and cellphones must be placed on silent. 
  • Store personal belongings in security closet.
  • Bring laptops, pencils (no pens), and paper.
  • Scanner available (check with staff first).
  • Gloves may be required to handle historical photographs.
  • Additional suggestions: 
    • Please explore our website for finding aids, collection information, and online exhibits
    • Try to come with a specific topic or collection in-mind. 
    • We can place materials on hold for you if needed.