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ENTRP 540 - Entrepreneurial Consulting

Industry Reports

Industry reports can be a valuable source of information for a feasibility analysis or business plan. Reports present overviews of industry trends and analysis in an easy to read format. Though reports may cover an industry that is broader than the market you are researching (for example, Sporting Goods Stores instead of Bicycle Shops), they are still useful for understanding the environment that a new company may be operating in.    

Finding an Industry Report

IBISWorld LogoIBISWorld Search Results

Sometimes it is easy to find a report that covers the exact industry that you are researching. For example, searching IBISWorld for "bicycle shops" retrieves a report called Bicycle Dealership and Repair in the US.





MarketLine Logo

A search for "bicycle shops" in MarketLine does not locate a report that just covers that specific industry

A broader report called Toys & Games covers bicycle sales.

If you don't find a report that exactly fits your industry, choose the one that is the best fit.

You can supplement information in the report with information from trade association websites and articles.