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Modern Languages

This guide provides resources for students and faculty conducting research in Modern Languages, including, but not limited to: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Library Research Guide

Foreign Language News: Databases

Locate current foreign language newspapers through K-State Libraries using these databases. Nexis Uni provides the most comprehensive access to foreign language news sources.

Details about using Nexis Uni and Search It are provided below.

Library Databases

Nexis Uni

Search a Specific Publication

  1. Type the newspaper title in the first search box in Nexis Uni.
  2. A drop down menu will appear, displaying possible matches.

    Screenshot of Nexis Uni search box displaying possible newspaper title matches

  3. Click on the title you want.
  4. The title will now appear in the search box, to the left of where you enter search terms.

       Nexis Uni search box displaying Le Monde as newspaper being searched


Search Foreign Language News

  1. Enter search terms in first search box on main Nexis Uni page (PRO TIP: enter search terms in the language you need the articles to be written, e.g. not cat, but gato, chat, or katze.)
    Screenshot of search box in Nexis Uni
  2. From the search results page, go to the Narrow By box on the left side of the page.
    Screen shot of Nexis Uni Narrow By options
  3. Select Language, then select the language(s) you need. You can also narrow by a specific publication using the Sources
    Screen shot of Nexis Uni Narrow By Language option

Nexis Uni Search Tips

Spaces between words - Nexis Uni treats a space between search terms as an OR. It will show articles with any of the search terms, not all of the search terms. This can produce thousands of irrelevant sources. Use the tips below to control your search results.

  • Quotation marks - use quotation marks to tell Nexis Uni that certain words must be searched as that exact phrase.
    For example: "foie gras"
  • AND - put the word AND in between all search terms/phrases that must appear anywhere in an article in order to be relevant to your research.
    For example: Merkel AND CDU
  • ATLEAST - tells Nexis Uni that a search term or phrase needs to appear "at least" so many times in a document.
    For example: atleast5(Merkel)

Proximity Commands - these let you control how near to each other search terms need to appear in a document.

  • Near  - use NEAR to tell Nexis Uni how close search terms have to appear in order to be relevant to your research.
    The search Quebec near/5 independence tells Nexis Uni that the words Quebec and independence have to appear within five words of each other.
  • W/N or /N - similar to NEAR, W/N and /N tell Nexis Uni that the first word has to appear within so many words of the second word. N is always a number.
    For example: Argentina w/10 "cueva de las manos"  
  • W/S or /S - used when search terms need to appear roughly within a sentence or 25 words of each other
  • W/S or /P  - used when search terms near to appear within roughly a paragraph or 75 words of each other

Search It

Search It now separates out newspaper articles from other results.

  1. Enter your search terms in the Search It box on the Libraries home page.
  2. From the search results page go to the Refine My Results options on the left side of the screen.
  3. Newspapers search should appear in a large, red font. Click on it to see newspaper articles.
    Screenshot of Newspaper Search option in Search It


Search It no longer displays articles from the Nexis Uni database (formerly Lexis Nexis Academic.) Search Nexis Uni directly to find the most complete collection of newspapers, both in English and other languages.

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