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MC 780 Research Methods in Mass Communications

Research help for students in the class Research Methods in Mass Communications

Background Information

Before you do any in-depth research, it is always beneficial to consult reference resources about your topic. We have an excellent database called CQ Researcher. It includes reports on current issues—including social trends—and has a wealth of information including historical background information, pro/con arguments, and bibliographies. Below is an image that shows details of a report about guns on campus. You can click the image to go to the CQ Researcher database.

Image of the CQ Researcher database showing the "Trust in Media" report

Demographic Publications

Using publications such as those by New Strategist Publications can be a great start to learning more about your populations. You can find information about who they are, what they buy, what they eat, and what they do in college. 

For that particular series of publications, you can use Search It to select "K-State Libraries Only" and then type in "new strategist publications" (with the quotation marks).

screenshot of search for new strategist publications