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Wisdom of the Ages - The Remnant Trust at Kansas State University Libraries

This guide describes the materials on exhibit in from the Remnant Trust's "Wisdom of the Ages" collection. We also provide information about handling materials and the history of written communication, books, printing, and publishing.

The Remnant Trust

The Remnant Trust is a public educational foundation that shares an actively growing  collection of manuscripts, first edition and early works dealing with the topics of individual liberty and human dignity with some pieces dating as early as 2500 B.C.  The Remnant Trust makes this collection available to colleges, universities and other organizations for use by students, faculty, scholars and the general public. Those exposed are encouraged to touch, feel and read the originals, including first English translations.

The Remnant Trust, INC. Kansas State University Libraries. The Wisdom of the Ages Athenaeum at Kansas State University Libraries. Fall 2016


























The Remnant Trust, Inc. Texas Tech University, Box 41041, Lubbock, TX 79409-1041.