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THTRE 261 - Fundamentals of Acting


This page is designed to re-cover/review material discussed in class to assist you with any theatre related research but in particular your Group Research Presentations.  Mastery of using the Search It and the databases are your best bet, but don't forget that you can always Ask A Librarian!  Never hesitate to ask us anything, as we love helping students.  It lets us showboat our smarts!

A Note on Finding Plays

Looking for plays can be a bit tricky, since many of the plays we have are in collected editions, and a title search isn't the most helpful.

For example, if you were looking for Neil Simon's "The Gingerbread Lady" and searched via title, you get no results. But, if you search "gingerbread lady" in quotes using a keyword search, you get three hits - including two entries for "Collected Plays of Neil Simon."

Finding Scenes in Twentieth Century North American Drama

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