This library research guide helps you locate materials to support learning and researching statistical methods.

Library Research Guide

Learning Statistical Methods and Software

Some of your classes will introduce new methods and software. Use the links below to find sources on how to use software and apply statistics concepts.

MOOCs and OERs

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. An OER is an Open Educational Resource. Both are created by professors and instructors and open to the public. Some MOOCs have a fee for graded assignments, certificates, or services related to the course but usually the content in these courses is free.

Search the sites below to find resources to supplement your class notes, textbook, and other materials shared by your instructor or professor in Canvas. Learning from different instructors on a MOOC or YouTube video could help you

  • clarify new statistics concepts
  • practice using statistics software

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

Open Educational Resources (OER)


Learn by Reading Articles

Search the databases below to find the articles that developed the methods you are learning. You can also find articles that apply statistical methods in various disciplines. If you are new to reading scientific articles, read the page on this guide called Reading.

How to...

If you are looking for articles that explain statistics concepts or how to apply various statistical methods or data you can work with, try these: