Theatre & Film: History and Criticism

A Guide for Theatre History I & II, American Ethnic Theatre, and Film

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Actors and actresses from history

Hello! This guide was developed for a number of K-State Theatre classes taught by Dr. Shannon Skelton: THTRE 572 and 573, Theatre History Iⅈ THTRE 270, Introduction to Theatre; THTRE 235/630, Film; and THTRE 672, American Ethnic Theatre. Dr. Skelton can be contacted at

While these resources are extensive, your own research may lead you to different materials. If you have concerns about the credibility of any resources, please contact Dan or Shannon.

Finally, please note that while this page contains resources for all classes, some material specific to THTRE 235/630 and THTRE 672 are located on additional tabs found at the top of the column.

Theatre & Film Databases

Scholarly Journals in Theatre

 Theatre Masks with Graduation Caps

These journals are scholarly in nature, many of them peer reviewed, and so are of the highest quality when it comes to credibility. Use these for analyses of performances and production.

Scholarly Organization Journal Lists

Film Journals

Popular Periodicals

Please note that these journals are not considered "scholarly" per se, but they do have excellent information and can be your best resource for reviews.

Other Periodicals