AMETH 160 - Introduction To American Ethnic Studies

This guide provides information to help students in AMETH 160 complete their final projects.

Library Research Guide

Citations and Bibliographies

APA, Chicago, and MLA

K-State Libraries has a guide all about citations and bibliographies, including MLA, APA, and Chicago.

The information on those pages should answer many of your questions about citing things like books and journal articles.

Copies of the Manuals

I also provided links to information about our copies of the three main style manuals. We have the Chicago Manual of Style completely online. Our copies of the MLA and APA guides are physical books. They are heavily used so we keep them at Hale Library's Help Desk where you can check them out for a couple of hours at a time.

Citation buttons in library databases

Additionally, many of K-State Libraries databases have a "Cite" button that appears when you are looking at an article/document. Click on that and select your citation style. You can then copy and paste the citation into a document.

BE AWARE: these citations are generated by a computer and are not always perfectly correct. Check the citation against the style guide.

Citing archival material/primary sources or multimedia.

If your primary source is published like a newspaper article or a memoir that is a book, cite those as you would any other article or book.

If you are citing a photograph, audio recording, pamphlet, or other item from one of the freely accessible digital archives, you will want to follow your citation style's guidelines. Before getting too worried about how to cite a photograph or similar from an archive, look to see if your style guide has a section on audiovisual material, "non-print sources," or miscellaneous sources.