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Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab: Mission

Learn to use the services and equipment available in the Innovation Lab.


Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab inspires exploration, problem-solving, and creativity. 


  People standing with eachother

   Equitable access • Inventive experiences • Diverse community


The Innovation Lab is a space where all people are free to explore, learn, and share in a technologically rich environment. We facilitate inventive instruction and novel learning experiences. We create and serve the community by connecting diverse individuals and groups, both on and off-campus. 


  1. Community: We embrace the KSU Principles of Community 

  1. Diversity: We champion equity & diversity. They spark innovation! 

  1. Connection: We connect individuals and communities to others through their experiences here. 

  1. Learning by Doing: We break things, fail often, and try again. 

  1. Storytelling: We celebrate our successes AND failures, so future makers can learn from us. 

  1. Ecological Responsibility: We consider the environmental impact of our projects. 

  1. Belonging:  Everyone, from beginner to expert, is invited to explore, learn, and create.