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3D Printing: Projects and Resources

Learn what printers are in the lab and how to use them.

Project Ideas

desktop organizer

Desktop Organizer

Desk too messy? Check out this desk organizer made with a 3D printer! The organizer holds a phone and charging cable, sticky notes, pens, and more!

Desktop Organizer:
   Filament: PLA
   Time: 18 hours 47 minutes
   Weight: 116.53 grams

Desktop Organizer:
   Filament: ToughPLA
   Time: 30 hours 28 minutes
   Weight: 130.94 grams

wall outlet shelf

Wall Outlet Shelf

This wall outlet shelf is the perfect place for your phone while it charges! The design also has an angled slot that will hold your phone upright for viewing.

Wall Outlet Shelf:
   Filament: PLA
   Time: 5 hour 53 minutes
   Weight: 34.36 grams

Wall Outlet Shelf:
   Filament: PLA with supports
   Time: 9 hours 42 minutes
   Weight: 40.1 grams

self-watering planter

Self-Watering Planter

Never worry about killing your plant again! Simply fill the reservoir and your plant will water itself! (Just remember to check the water level once a week.)

Planter Pt.1 Reservoir:
   Filament: PLA
   Time: 8 hours 36 minutes
   Weight: 48.95 grams

Planter Pt.2:
   Filament: PLA with supports
   Time: 15 hours 39 minutes
   Weight: 57.32 grams

Find Projects

Made at K-State

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