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3D Printing: Using a 3D Printer

Learn what printers are in the lab and how to use them.

Two Approaches

 Make use of vs make it

Make Use Of

Beginners: The first and easiest way to start 3D printing is to find a file that someone has already made and then print it. The Projects and Resources page can help you locate files to print.

Make It

The second way to engage with 3D printing is to make the file from scratch yourself. This involves using software, and possibly a scanner, to create a file the printer will understand.

Printing a file

  1. Send the file you want to print to (URL coming late September) to get a cost estimate. 
  2. The file will be reviewed to make sure it's structurally okay.
  3. If the file is structurally sound, it will be released to print. 

If problems arise, a refund can be issued.

Software to make files to print

Autodesk Fusion and Tinkercad are installed on the Media Center computers.

There is also software for download to you computer.

Know Your Machine

Do's and Don'ts of 3D Printing