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3D Printing: Using a 3D Printer

Learn what printers are in the lab and how to use them.

Two Approaches

 Make use of vs make it

Make Use Of

For beginners, the first and easiest way to start 3D printing is to find a model that someone has already designed, download its file, and print it. The Projects and Resources page can help you locate files to print.

Make It

More advanced users may want to create their own 3D print models from scratch. This involves using software, and possibly a 3D scanner, to create a file the printer will understand.

Make Use Of: Printing A File

Quick Overview:

  1. Upload your file to our cloud print farm service:
  2. Slice the 3D model in your file so the printer can print it layer-by-layer.
  3. Queue your sliced print request to the printer you want to print to.
  4. Await a staff member to release the print job from the printer queue to the 3D printer.

Video Overview

  • This video will provide an overview of how to submit your file to 3DPrinterOS, slice the 3D model, and release it to a printer queue for approval.

3D printing is sometimes an imperfect process.  If a problem arises, please talk with staff to see if additional considerations are necessary for a successful print.

Make It: Software To Create 3D Models

Autodesk Fusion and Tinkercad are installed on the Media Center computers.

There is also software for download to you computer.

Know your 3D Printer

Do's and Don'ts of 3D Printing