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Sound Studio: Using the Sound Studio

Learn to use the recording equipment in the sound studio.

Getting Started

Though not required, reservations for the studio are encouraged because there is often high demand.

Steps for capturing a basic voice recording

Report to the Innovation Lab, 1st floor desk and let them know that you're here to use the sound studio. Studio personnel will open the space and turn on lights. They will stay to help you perform the first three steps.

power switch locations in sound booth
  1. Mac - touch the shift key to wake or power in back left to turn on
  2. Apollo 8xP Thunderbolt - switch on right-side of bar, move to up position
  3. Apollo Twin - switch on back
  4. TV monitor - optional, use remote to power on
  5. Lights in sound both - white remote control

On the desktop there is a folder called "Getting Started". Inside are two folders. One is for the Console Presets and one is for the Recording Templates. Go into each folder and double click the short cut that corresponds to how many microphones you'll be using. Do this in this order:

  1. Console program (coordinates all the microphone inputs to the computer)
  2. Logic Pro (the audio recording and editing software)
  1. Each microphone has it's own track. Ensure each track has record enabled.
  2. Push record button.
  3. Go into the booth and speak into each microphone.
  4. Return to the computer and stop the recording.
  5. Play back the recording to verify sound is properly captured.
    1. If you heard sound from each microphone, you're ready! Push record again, return to the booth and record.
    2. If you didn't hear sound, you'll need some troubleshooting. The studio personnel can help with this.
  1. If you will be in the booth and wish to observe the software during recording, drag the console or Logic Pro window to the left to get it onto the TV monitor on the wall.
  2. Push the record button at the top, center of the screen.
  1. On the Logic Pro file menu select Bounce, make sure MP3 format is checked.
  2. Save the files to the Thawspace folder on the Mac desktop.
  3. Copy your files to your USB drive or OneDrive.
Check the track recording and monitoring settings. Create and save your own presets.

Software to Make Files

Here are some resources to help you use the software programs for audio recording and editing.

There's also some software you can download to your own machine for free.

Equipment Manuals

Know Your Terms

The audio recording industry has a lot of special terminology and acronyms. We've defined some common words for you.