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Artificial Intelligence Studio: Home

Learn about the computers and software available in the artificatial intelligence (AI) studio.

Artificial Intelligence

Why would you be interested in Artificial Intelligence?

AI is quickly becoming part of our everyday lives! Learn how to create your own AI systems or use existing ones to your advantage. 

Artificial Intelligence in the Innovation Lab

On the second floor of the Innovation Lab:

  • Create your own Artificial Intelligence projects
  • Use existing AI systems to enhance your research
  • Collaborate with other people to learn about new ideas in the AI field 


Wondering about the basics of Artificial Intelligence? Here's a great intro:

Cool Examples Of AI in the World

Types of AI

When first getting started with AI, you should know between the 4 main types.

  • Reactive Machines
    • The simplest level of AI. Stores no inputs and performs no learning, but can react to input with output. An example is a program that can put a box around a human face in a picture. 
  • Limited Memory
    • An AI that stores previous data and predictions to make better future predictions. This AI is seen everywhere, from daily use to research. An example is text predictions on your phone. 
  • Theory of Mind
    • This type of AI begins to interact with the thoughts and emotions of humans and is only in its beginning stages in our world. An example of this type of AI would be Siri being able to tell if you are angry when asking for directions and offering to let someone know you are going to be late. 
  • Self-Aware
    • This AI is still in the distant future and is present only in Science Fiction. What happens when the AIs are smarter than humans and can negotiate their own futures?

Current Hours

Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm

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