Film Studies

This guide provides information about viewing, studying, and producing films at K-State.

Library Research Guide

Industry Data

These sites provide data about films, including box office data.

Industry Reports

Industry reports provide data and analyze specific aspects of the film industry. They differ from the pure data sources by providing context for the data.

Business Databases

These databases provide overviews of the film and related industries from a business perspective. You are more likely to locate information about the film industry as a whole, rather than specific companies.

Useful search terms include:

  • film
  • cinema
  • animation
  • television
  • media
  • streaming video
  • on-demand
  • production
  • distributors

Research and Interest Group Reports

These reports are created by organizations such as academic institutions or nonprofit organizations that research the film and media industries.

Industry and Professional Association Reports

These reports are generated by organizations that represent creatives and/or corporations associated with the film industry.