Film Studies

This guide provides information about viewing, studying, and producing films at K-State.

Library Research Guide

Resources for Producing Films at K-State

This page includes information about resources available to K-State students, faculty, and staff for producing films at K-State. Some resources are also available for members of our community.

Checkout Equipment and Reserve Studios

K-State Libraries and the Division of Information Technology offer equipment and software for K-State students faculty and staff.

Most of this technology is available in the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab, located on Hale Library's 1st and 2nd floors.

Check Out Technology

Reserve Studios (and other spaces)

The Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab is rolling out studios and other spaces that can be reserved for producing audio and film.

As of January 2022, we are still waiting on some technology to be delivered and installed, so check the Sunderland Foundation Innovation website throughout the semester for information about more studios coming online. 

Reserve a Studio

Create Props and Costumes

The Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab offers 3D printing, a GlowForge laser cutter, and sewing machines to fulfill your prop and costume creation needs. 

Production and Editing Software and Hardware

Don't have the funds for design software or drawing tablets? Visit the Media Studio, located on the 1st floor of Hale in the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab.

How to

Want to create, but aren't sure how to use the technology and equipment? Check out these resources.

Using the Studio Spaces

These guides offer information about using the tools and resources in the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab. These guides also include links to manuals, videos, and other websites to help you get started or level up on your creative projects. 


K-State subscribes to O'Reilly for Higher Education, a database with ebooks and videos explaining how to use common software, programming languages, and technology. Below are a sample of titles related to film production, plus a link to the database.

Resources Beyond K-State

K-State is part of a bigger community that you can use to create your films. We recommend starting with these.