MANGT 531 - Human Resources Management

Guide for student research project on why anti-discrimination legislation identifies protected classes.

Library Research Guide

What Are Secondary Sources?

Secondary sources can provide synthesis, interpretation, and analysis of historical events and conditions. While primary sources are created contemporaneously with an event or by someone who experienced those events, secondary sources may be created at a later time.


  • books
  • scholarly articles
  • news articles
  • reports

Scholarly Articles and Books

Scholarly Articles

Tips for Searching America: History & Life

Select SmartText searching from the advanced search page. This option will use an algorithm to find relevant resources that may not have your search terms.

Screenshot of the SmartText Searching mode selected on the advanced search page. This increases results.


From the advanced search page, exclude book reviews and limit to a historical period.

Screenshot that shows advanced search in America: History & Life that excleds book reviews from results and limits to a specific historical period.


Use Search It to find ebooks on historical labor topics.

Screenshot of Search It demonstrating how to limit to books, book chapters, and reference entries.

Reports on Current and Historical Topics

News and Business Publications

News and Business Publications

Selected News and Business Publications

Use the links below to access important business and news publications.