MANGT 531 - Human Resources Management

Guide for student research project on why anti-discrimination legislation identifies protected classes.

Library Research Guide

Protected Classes

This page identifies websites and digital collections with primary and secondary sources about workplace experiences according to protected classes as outlined in the laws and regulations discussed in this course.

These groupings are provided to aid in the research process as you move from the language in the laws and regulations to primary sources that may use different terminology. We recognize these labels may not adequately describe someone's identity. Please see the Preferred Terms page for resources with guidance about what terminology.

Additionally, we hold multiple identities that intersect and overlap. You may find that it can be helpful to search other collections as materials that focus on race/ethnicity may include content about gender or age in the workplace, and vice-versa.


These materials may include images and text reflecting various forms of oppression, including but not limited to offensive language or negative stereotypes. Instances of bigotry reflect the attitudes, perspectives and beliefs of those that created and participated in them and should be considered records of the era in which they were produced.

Content warning developed by Irina Rogova, Digital Resources Archivist

African American and Black


Asian, Asian American & Pacific Islander


Hispanic and Latinx

Indigenous and Native American

National Origin


Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity