THTRE 369 - Fundamentals of Theatrical Design

Fundamentals of Theatrical Design. A collection of resources for beginning designers.

Library Research Guide

Searching for Books

The K-State Libraries' Collections in Search It will provide you a list of items either owned by us or that we pay to access (as in the case of electronically available books and journals).

Begin at the K-State Libraries' Home Page, click on Search It and select "K-State Libraries' Collections" from among the tabs.

  • Simple Search: Works well when you already know what you're after (i.e. have a specific title/author in mind). The Keyword option is a good way to try out a word or phrase and see where it leads you.
  • Location: There are many locations within the K-State Libraries' system depending on the topic.  You may need to utilize books in both Hale Library and Weigel Library.
  • Notice the location and be sure to write down the full call number or text it to yourself:
  • Find the perfect book?  Take a look at what is shelved next to it -- they will be shelved with titles on the same topic.

Advanced Search:

  • Search for multiple words/concepts simultaneously.  For example, try typing in urban design, then change "any of these" to "as a phrase" (This is the same as putting quotation marks around words).
  • To combine topics use multiple search boxes, for example you can type "sedgwic county" into the first search box and "history" into the second search box to help you narrow the focus of your search.

Subject Heading Search: The "Subjects" are simple tags used to categorize materials. For individual designers, you could search by his/her last name. This will generate a list of Subject Headings that relate specifically to that designer (whether or not your designer has a Subject Heading depends on his/her level of notoriety). Also, this works with artistic movements, techniques, etc.

view of Search It screen

Some Subject headings related to theatrical design:

  • Scene Painting
  • Set Designers
  • Show-Windows
  • Stage Machinery
  • Stage Props
  • Theater Architecture
  • Theater -- Pictorial works
  • Theaters -- Design and Construction
  • Theaters -- Design and Plans
  • Theaters -- Special Effects
  • Theaters -- Stage Setting and Scenery

Search K-State or Use InterLibrary Loan

WorldCat Database

Search for books in owned by K-State Libraries and other libraries simultaneously.  WorldCat can help you to determine if your topic is mentioned within a book -- many records include the table of contents.

  • The titles that we have here will be designated with a "K-State Libraries" icon highlighted on your list of results.
  • If we have the title, you can click on the "Get It" button to retrieve the call number from our K-State.
  • If we do not have the title, use the "Get It" button  and select "We'll try to get it for you" to place an Interlibrary Loan request.

We highly recommend the "Advanced Search" option -- it allows for much greater control when browsing.  You can use this to limit by language and format (ex. books). 

Your list of results will be arranged by how many libraries own a copy of that book (so, by popularity of sorts).